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Polytron ICSA 2009


JAKARTA - PT Hartono Istana Teknologi, as notable and as one of the biggest elmanufacture ectronic in Indonesia with their brand Polytron, success obtain and get appreciation of Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award 2009 (ICSA 2009) for the category of audio. The appreciation delivered direct by Handi Irawan D, Chairman Frontier Consulting Group to Hariono, Managing Director of PT Hartono Istana Teknologi in Jakarta.
According to Hariono, efficacy of Polytron maintain ICSA for the eleventh of its times; rill represent result of from company consistency and tiring in maintaining the quality of product. “This appreciation [of] showing that consumer very satisfied either from facet of [is quality of product, post service and also service sell from Polytron. We become progressively raced to continue to improve satisfaction of customer in the future always improve innovation and quality in each new product which we launch," said Hariono.
ICSA 2009 representing award carried out by Frontier Consulting Group and SWA Magazine, as exponent of appreciation [in] area of Marketing and of Brand most prestigious in Indonesia for product capable to satisfy to customer, by entangling customer directly in survey to satisfaction of customer to product.
Level satisfaction of customer itself measured to through three factor, namely satisfaction to quality of product / service (QSS), and satisfaction to price pursuant to quality of which is accepted (VSS), and also perception that one of brand assessed best as a whole compared to other brand (PBS). ICSA 2009 relied on result of survey to the 10 thousand responder have age [to] 15-65 spread over year [in] six metropolis in Indonesia ( Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Field, Makassar) period of June until July 2009.
Polytron in ICSA 2009 showed best performance in giving satisfaction to consumer for the category of audio product in period of year 2009. Polytron obtain; get highest result in index satisfaction of customer with value 4.238 from scale 5 measurement value.
Success reaches for ICSA till eleven times to Polytron progressively assure its domination in audio segment nationally. This matter is reached by innovation blessing which continue to be done by majoring satisfaction of customer Up to now Polytron still become leader market in electronic product categorize audio, with share market equal to 48% in year 2008 and targeted to become 55% in 2009 year this.
ICSA iself can become growth measuring rod a industry, including electronic industry such as those which wrestled by Polytron. Enunciated, if all producer of give best satisfaction to all its customer hence producer even also will get its benefit.
To Polytron, efficacy reach for this ICSA represent challenge to continue to to innovate in the case of product development and strategy, what can give added value and satisfaction to customer.

PT. Hartono Istana Teknologi as electronic manufacturer have been developed for 33 years and become one of the most prominent local products and brand in Indonesia. PT. Hartono Istana Teknologi always strife to invent and create innovative products from local young generation employee through their factories in Sayung, Semarang and Kudus, Central Java. Polytron have been launching products in domestic market as well as export market, as most customers and non-customers alike can recognize that Polytron is a big company and their strength is from their audio quality. Therefore, Polytron will always aim to develop their brand and products in line with quality improvement by always doing ongoing research.
All Polytron’s products are number one products that have been invented by Indonesia’s youth, referred as putra/putri Indonesia, with the combination of hard work and team work. Therefore, PT. Hartono Istana Teknologi has already made 21 patented products in Indonesia, Canada, and United States. Nowadays Polytron have more than 50 service centers in 48 cities in Indonesia, and customers can access toll free number on 0 800 1 100999, or can also email to service@polytron.co.id Polytron is not just making audio and video, but now Polytron also have home appliance products such as Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, Chest Freezer, Freezer, Water Dispenser, and Show Case


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