Full Bandwidth & Dynamic Range

There is no cut-off on low and high frequencies, so the bandwidth / vocal cords remain wide (minimum 20-20 kHz) so that the tonal balance / sound color / sound response from the loudspeaker will be maintained according to the loudspeaker ability.

2-Way or 3-way loudspeaker system

Using a 2-lane system or 3 lanes produces a balanced and clear tonal balance.

Cross over

Divide the tone and power accurately to each speaker.

Cost Effective

The cost is optimized because without a transformer and can be driven using a low impedance amplifier.

Easy Wiring

With the high impedance voice coil loudspeaker it can be installed in parallel easily.

Fully Protection

Various protections are overcurrent (over current), overvoltage (over voltage), overheating (over heat) keep the product durable in the long term. There is a resettable fuse to protect the tweeter from damage due to excessive sound feedback when using a mic.


6 – 20 Watt

Power Rated


4 kHz

Cross over point


100 dB

Maximum SPL


to wiring

Full Bandwidth

& Dynamic Range


   Power Rated

   Available 6 – 20 Watt

Power Taps @100V

Power Taps @70V

   Acoustic Tuning

   Closed Box


2 Way

Normal Impedance

24 / 32 / 48 / 80 Ohm

   Frequency Response (-3dB)

   50 Hz – 20 Khz

Sensitivity (1 Watt / 1 Meter)

88 dB

Maximum SPL

100 dB

   Opening Angle (@4 KHz,-6dB)


LF Transducer

5 in / 127 mm

HF Transducer

Omni/Dome Tweeter 25 mm

   Cross Over Point

   4 kHz





Perforated Steel 






   Dimension (HxWxD)

  190 x 280 x 177 mm

Net Weight

2.45 Kg

Mounting Cut Out

244 x 154 mm