Large Capacity Full DC Inverter Compressor

Polytron adopts large capacity high-efficiency high-pressure chamber DC inverter compressor, centralized stator winding and 6-staged high efficient neodymium magnet motor rotor which improve the performance,stability,reliability and efficiency.

Precise Inverter Temperature Control

The operation speed of DC Motor in compressor can be adjusted continuously and automatically according to actual air conditioning load in order to achieve a smoother curve of temperature fluctuation to satisfy higher requirements of coziness

New type efficient heat exchanger

Optimized efficient thermal conductive and new type fins, which reduces the air-flow resistance, makes the heat exchange more even, more sufficient, and improves the heat ransfer efficiency

Stepless fan speed

Outdoor unit fan motor adopts DC inverter-driver motor which improves the motor efficiency by 40% and reduces the input power significantly

3D temperature sensing design

the air temperature is controlled within the optimum rage, satisfying human comfort better by combining with microcomputer controlled high-precision electronic expansion valve of 200 pulses; while meeting indoor temperature control accuracy of +/- 0.5’C

Rotational Operation

The running time of each outdoor unit module is balanced, the unit durability is improved, and the life of the air conditioning system is extended

Back-up Operation

Standby function on fan motor and compressor can guarantee the urgent normal running if some problem happens

Super multi-connected

there are 9 types of indoor unit to choose from; outdoor units and indoor units can be matched and connected freely, which can be selected according to floor location of the interior room and purposes.

Urgent power-off maintenance of indoor units

When one indoor unit need maintenance, it can be powered off separately, and have no influence on the whole system


DC Inverter




Temperature Sensing



Heat Transfer Fins


Refrigerant Circuit



Easy Installation

Small, lightweight




   Cooling Capacity

   45 kW

Power Consumption

13.12 kW


3.43 kW

   Air Flow Rate

   190 m3/min

Noise Level

61 dB

   Dimension & Weight

   Dimension (H x W x D)

   1720 x 950 x 750 mm

Net Weight

247 Kg

Gross Weight

272 Kg

   Technical Information

   Gas Line

   28.6 mm

Liquid Line

12.7 mm

Max. Indoor Unit Connectable

16 m

   Max. Single Piping Length

   190 m