Twin rotary inverter compressor

The twin rotary inverter compressor design reduces friction during operation for smoother rotation with less vibration. The result is a far quieter and more efficient air conditioner. Latest 180′ Sine wave Inverter technology allows for extremely accurate control of compressor rotation speed, saving roughly 50% more energy than traditional air conditioners

Comfortable temperature control

DC inverter power control uses its full capacity at startup to cool/warm quickly. As soon as the set temperature is reached, it carefully adjusts current frequency to prevent temperature fluctuation and energy loss.

Compact outdoor units for a less obtrusive exterior look

The system requires only a singleoutdoor unit. The compact design provides installation flexibility and takes up less space, for a less obtrusive exterior look

Polytron Free Match

Ideal where an individual indoor unit is required in each room, i.e., a living room and 3 bedrooms. The Systems allow one outdoor unit to be connected up to a wide variety of 2,3 or 4 indoor units including Wall Mounted, Duct and Cassette, depending on the model.


DC Inverter Compressor

Twin Rotary



3-DC Inverter


Expansion Valve


Grooved Tube

Efficient Inner


Efficient Hydrophillic


Cooling Capacity

12.5 kW

Rating Capacity

42650 Btu/h

Air Flow

5500 m3/h







Noise Level (Sound Power)

69 dB

Noise Level (Sound Pressure)

60 dB

Guaranted Operation Range

7-43 C

Electrical Data


220-240VAC / 50Hz / 1Ph

Power Input

3900 (780-4100) W

Rated Current

18.0 A

Anti Electric Shock

Class 1

Degrees of Protection


Dimenssion & Weight 

Net Dimension (WxHxD)

950 x 1050 x 340 mm

Net Weight

82 Kg

Package Dimension (WxHxD)

1110 x 1200 x 460 mm

Gross Weight

96 kg

Technical Information

Diameter (Liquid)

6.35’4 mm

Diameter (Gas)

9.52’4 mm

Max Length (Each)

25 m

Max Length (Total)

60 m

Max Height

15 m