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The most recent visit of POLYTRON’s Export Department team to Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Karachi (Pakistan)

Posing itself as a fast-growing regional powerhouse, South Asian Region is catching the eyes of numerous global brands that are aggressively trying to lure the region’s considerable population base into patronising their products and services. The most recent visit of POLYTRON’s Export Department team to Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Karachi (Pakistan) demonstrates POLYTRON’s commitment in strengthening its grip on its existing market in South Asia, as well as developing new market for its products.


Through an excellent teamwork between POLYTRON’s Export Department and the Embassy of the Republic Indonesia in Dhaka (Bangladesh), the visit was rather fruitful and conclusive. Having been convinced by the quality of POLYTRON, the local Bangladeshi businessmen have shown their eagerness to work with POLYTRON. While from POLYTRON’s side, it was indeed a priceless opportunity to have witnessed up-close and personal, and realised the sizeable potential Bangladesh has in store. As a result, Bangladeshi people will soon have the opportunity to enjoy POLYTRON’s products.


In line with its strategic outlook for 2007, POLYTRON is strengthening its grip on the existing market in South Asia – mainly Pakistan. Amidst fierce competition with numerous consumer electronics brands, POLYTRON is set to strive gracefully under pressure. By forging a closer collaboration with its local partner and a more aggressive strategic planning, POLYTRON is more confident that further growth will be realised, and bigger market share will be captured in Pakistan. (DAN)


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