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POLY Release
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Service Center spreads all 50 cities

JAKARTA - PT Hartono Istana Teknologi, as notable and as one of the biggest electronic manufacture in Indonesia with their brand Polytron progressively show commitments in giving service to consumer as devoted as. This matter of form readily Center of Service Center residing in 50 cities in all Indonesia.
“Service Center, they represent realization of PT Hartono Istana Teknologi commitments as producer of Polytron to continue to improve giving of best service to its entire consumer," say Santo Kadarusman as a Public Relations & Marketing Event Manager Polytron.

Spirit of giving best service, according to Santo, does not only readily Center of Service Center exist in 50 cities. More than that, Polytron has also prepared professional management system with skillful technique energy and its area competence. Polytron have operational standard as guidance procedure for the inspection of, to repair and replacement of product component of Polytron before reaching consumer hand.
"Become consumer of Polytron needn't worry to buy product of Polytron because Service Center Polytron give service which quickly and feel safe as its warranty," said Santo.

Besides to create to feel freshmen to consumer of Polytron, ready of Service Center this in line with Regulation of Minister of Trade of No 19 year 2009 arranging that product importer and producer of telematika electronics and [is] obliged to give service of post sell during a period and warranty of after warranty in the form of availability of service center, availability of access, replacement of product of a kind when happened irreparable damage during a period of warranty and replacement of access according to guarantee during a period of/to warranty.
According to “Permendag”, importer or producer have to have [at] least six post service center sell ( centre service) residing in metropolis and/or in delegation of area circulate product it of telematika electronics and. " With existence of Service Center which have in 50 town hence Polytron have fulfilled regulation of government so that consumer of Polytron needn't worry," said Santo.
The Permendag also arrange technical conditions of centre service for example workroom which remain to or make a move. Technique energy which is competence, clear management system, equipments in the form of machine, tool appliance or examination appliance, availability of accessories and component, training to its officer and also communications medium with customer. Therefore, Existence of this Permendag besides aim to protect consumer also to protect domestic industry of product it floods of illegal in domestic market.
Santo also optimistis availablely of Service Center exist in 50 town also can push the make-up of Polytron share market in 2009 year this and yrs. which come. in year 2008 yesterday, product of Polytron in color television category master 20% of market compartment, [in] audio category master 48 % of market compartment, categorize AHS ( Audio of Home System) mastering 39% of market compartment, categorize HTIB ( Home Theatre Box ) mastering 11% of market compartment, categorize DVD Player master 15% of market compartment, categorize refrigerator master 14% of market compartment, while product categorize dispenser water, washing machine, air conditioner still below/under 10 percentage of market compartment. Polytron hope in 2009 year this, electronic products of Polytron from each category can experience of the make-up of domination of market equal to 5 - 25%.
PT. Hartono Istana Teknologi as electronic manufacturer have been developed for 33 years and become one of the most prominent local products and brand in Indonesia. PT. Hartono Istana Teknologi always strife to invent and create innovative products from local young generation employee through their factories in Sayung, Semarang and Kudus, Central Java. Polytron have been launching products in domestic market as well as export market, as most customers and non-customers alike can recognize that Polytron is a big company and their strength is from their audio quality. Therefore, Polytron will always aim to develop their brand and products in line with quality improvement by always doing ongoing research.
All Polytron’s products are number one products that have been invented by Indonesia’s youth, referred as putra/putri Indonesia, with the combination of hard work and team work. Therefore, PT. Hartono Istana


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